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Automation is changing the game for investment management firms. Firms that devise quick and strategic automation strategies are poised to win. In this Podcast series, Synthesis Technology CEO John Toepfer sits down with experts from the Investment community to discuss how marketing, sales, and compliance professionals are leveraging automation in the workplace to be more effective. In this podcast, we share emerging insights that will help investment management pros stay up to speed on the ever-changing financial technology landscape.
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Automating Investment Marketing | Synthesis Podcast

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Dec 19, 2017

In this episode, we are joined by Stephen Pope, CEO and co-Founder of Red Oak Compliance. Stephen offers insight into the current issues and challenges with the marketing and sales process at asset management firms today. He explains how firms are creating marketing approval processes that salespeople will actually follow, and offers best practices for improving time-to-market of sales materials, such as a three-tier risk workflow system. Red Oak helps financial services companies improve their regulatory advertising review workflow processes. Their industry-leading web-based SaaS application, Admaster, helps firms get their materials approved and to market in less time, reduce regulatory risk, and improve efficiency. We hope you takeaway some useful ideas from this episode. Thank you for listening and enjoy the show!

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